S S Powder Sampler
With Removable Slots

S S Powder Sampler With Removable Slots

SANITT is the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Powder Sampler which is designed for taking samples for testing.

Class Leading Multilevel Powder Sampler with variable Sample Volumes

Point Sampler from Sampling Systems is ideal for taking samples of powder at a specified depth. The chance of cross contamination is greatly reduced by using new tube and bottles for each sample.

Multilevel Zone Sampler for Powders/Granules. This highly popular Die Sampler is suitable for taking discrete, zone samples from free-flowing powders and granules. The sampler is available in a range of sizes and designs. Its GMP design means it can be stripped and cleaned very quickly.

Key Features
• Made from high quality 316 stainless steel. • Multi-Level with removable dies • Range of inserts available • Ideal for free-flowing powders Operation : • Select the correct volume inserts. • Slide the assembled inner rod into the outer sleeve at the lowest sampling level. • Insert the sampler into the product, turn the handle to expose the sampling cells to the product. • Turn the handle again so no sampling inserts are exposed and then remove the sampler from the product. • Remove the inner rod from the outer sleeve. • The individual sampling inserts can then be easily removed for analysis.

Material: It is made from high quality Stainless steel 316 material (Mirror finish) to avoid oxidation.
Size: Available in various Sizes like 2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet ,5 feet etc….